Frances found a camera in a second hand shop. She might have been 10 years old, but maybe younger. She took photographs to capture the world around her, carefully considering the importance of each moment, and enjoying the sound of the shutter. Although Frances is now 30, and has loved and lost several cameras in the years that have passed, not much has changed since then. She still values the little things. The light from a window making patterns on the floor, torn wallpaper revealing (and concealing) the past, cracks in the pavement, handwriting on a discarded note, windows, reflections, shadows and signs. Everything is important when you look closely.

Frances prefers film. But sometimes she has to make allowances. She studied Photographic Art at university, and learnt to use medium format cameras. She now has two, and treasures them. But sadly they cannot always be carried with her, and so a digital camera has joined her collection.

This blog is a collection of images from adventures in the UK, where Frances was born, and sometimes further afield. Because Frances likes to explore, and share her journey.

All images and text © 2013-2018 Frances Beecher. All Rights Reserved.

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