Home (2nd February 2015)

So this is how the journey ends:

with a week in The Hague,

dinner with an old friend,

(who could tell how I’d changed

and advise not pretend)

and some jazz.


as the sun set

a path through the dunes

led the way

for Penelope and I

Penelope and my eyes

we passed miles of glass houses

with not enough film

to capture the journey.

some dinner,

and then a ship to carry me home.

the sea was wild

but it rocked me to sleep.

waking in England

before the sun rose

setting foot on dry land;

like the moon landing


but significant.

a commuter train

packed full of suits

and a reflective jacket

(with a hornet in her helmet)

a city worker with a story to tell

and a smile

amongst the scowls

and snores.

at Liverpool Street

a decision

to avoid the rush hour

Penelope and I

Penelope and my eyes

out on the road again

this time rushing

(but still slow enough

to marvel

at the beauty

of everything)

to enjoy tea

and cake.


under the stars,

before the final train.

a newspaper,

a shoulder to lean on,

a square of chocolate each.

ahead of the long climb home

a little lunch

and a lot of words.

then finally

Penelope and I

Penelope and my eyes

finished what we started

with an uphill race

against no one

but ourselves.


All images and text © 2015 Frances Beecher. All Rights Reserved.

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