Bok & Bibliotek – Bokmässan Göteborg (25th September 2014)

a picture is worth a thousand words
and so i don’t often say anything about my photographs.
but on a recent trip to Göteborg (Sweden), i was inspired to write something to accompany my images.
and that something was poetry.

the following verses were inspired by conversations.
some lengthy, some snatched.
all memorable;
thanks to my pen
and not my camera.


a programme
in english?

ask upstairs

try downstairs

come back later?

by four o’clock
it’s only a souvenir


the book was not for sale
only display
to my dismay

directed downstairs
i found my way
but could not pay

the owner of the card machine
had gone away

a plan was made
numbers were exchanged

and then he appeared

but it didn’t work
it was different from last year

cash in king?
cash is queen, he said


is it also suitable
for vegans?

sorry, no
it contains honey

i make allowances


Imogen, James,
Josephine, Katy,
and William.

the cherry on the top is free


the post lady
on the bicycle
should be enough
for europe

but there were no elastic bands
to throw away
or keep on her wrist

just a self adhesive
and an envelope


the edges of the pages were red
it was a rare decision
made by the publisher

the songs were all in Swedish
but i judged the album
by it’s cover

he worked in a library
one i had already been to
i gave him my name
he spelt his for me


scottish independence
virginia woolf

i should give her another try
in thirty years
and read alone

(E I E) i (O) BOOK

children’s books
which talk to you
so your parents
don’t have to

she hadn’t worked there long
and so she did not know
if they had published it
or not

but she smiled


the giraffe is for my niece
the rabbit too
i just like the patterns

the owls will have several homes
upon the fridges
of three friends

i’ll come back
when I return


a purple bag
or a beach holiday?
maybe a pedestrian crossing?

the same age
and yet born the year after

the thirtieth occasion
and not an anniversary


All images and text © 2013-2015 Frances Beecher. All Rights Reserved.

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